Gumball Rally – June 2013

At the end of June Gemini’s, Dave Sargeant and Tim Hopkins were racing cars instead of fixing them. The AGS Gumball Rally is a yearly rally from Brentwood, Essex to Cannes, South of France. Armed with only £500 Dave and Tim had to find a car that would last the journey and ensure all the money they raised went to their designated charities.

They managed to buy a Golf Cabriolet and with a week to go, they had the finished car ready for a test drive. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the hard work of the Halesown Gemini site. Preparing the car and making it road worthy, they did Gemini proud with the new and improved Golf Cabriolet looking amazing, now white with the sponsor’s logos on it. After all the preparation it came down to 4 days of driving, covering over 1,080 miles on a coastal route to Cannes. All the hard work paid off as they raised over £3,000!

Well done Tim and Dave and thank you to all our sponsors, who supported us and helped raise the money that we donated to Macmillan and St. Richards Hospice.

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