Gemini News – UK’s new call centre and Australia welcomes new location

Gemini UK news
Gemini ARC’s opened their new call centre in January and it’s been non-stop for Lucy and Kim. Lots of repair instructions going to all of our sites and despite them being really busy, they always have a smile on their face! We have received some great feedback and we thank them for all their hard work!

Gemini Australia news
We are very excited to announce that we have just settled on Mortdale Smash Repairs to be re-named “Gemini Peakhurst” – our 4th site in Sydney. Over the coming weeks our team will be busy changing the signage, painting the building inside and out and updating IT and processes. Tony Downie has been appointed Centre Manager at Gemini Peakhurst, Tony is a very experienced local manager and has been with Gemini for just over a month being trained on our processes and procedures. Gemini Management and staff welcome Tony and the Gemini Peakhurst team to the group. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming them into the Gemini family!

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